Compounds from technical plastics

Ensinger Compounds offers products with improved sliding friction pro­perties, materials with defined electrical characteristics and com­pounds for me­dical Technology. Detectable or thermally conduc­ting and light weight plastics are also part of the innovative product range.


Ensinger has been focussed on the development and production of tribologicaly optimized materials (less wear, less friction), medical technology / foodstuffs technology, electrically conducting plastics, thermal conducting plastics, melt filtration of high temperature plastics, detectable plastics.



Quantity / Products

The structure of the company, the specialisation of employees and the big range of versatile machinery at our disposal give us flexibility, meaning we can handle small quantities as well as material for series production. Our vast range including hundreds of combinations of materials and additives allows a materials specialist to think both in terms of individual formulae as well as in tried and tested standard solutions.


Above all Ensinger Compounds processes high temperature polymers as well as engineering plastics. Standard plastics are also used for the production of special compounds.



We use cutting-edge testing and measuring equipment to investigate, rigidity, sliding properties, viscosity, remnant moisture content and other properties on ASTM and DIN test pieces produced on our injection moulding machines.
Our production is certified to:


DIN EN ISO 13485


Our materials specialists work ceaselessly on basic development and design of special compounds for injection moulding and extrusion. Their wealth of experience is a valuable support in the development of the special compounds you want and need.