Injection Moulded Finished Parts

Injection Moulded Finished Parts

In our state-of-the-art injection moulding plant in Rottenburg-Ergen­zingen, we produce sophisticated precision components and com­plete assemblies. Together with multi-component injection moul­ding, in­sert­/­over moulding is also gaining increasingly in signifi­cance. Our customers are offered a wide-ranging selection of high-performance plastics: Polyimid PI, PEEK, PPS, PA46, and many others including individually tailored, filled compounds.


The most important fields of application for our products include the automotive industry, medical technology, aerospace and mechanical engineering. From the initial idea through to the volume production stage, your individual requirements form the focus of all our actions. Our engineers offer you their support in the selection of materials and component design based on the plastic types used. A team of experienced designers and our own tooling shop are on hand to offer a precisely dimensioned and economical solution for every application. In respect to products we impose the most stringent standards on quality such as the residual dirt analysis. Zero defects production is the benchmark we aspire to.

Injection moulding products

Performance profile

  • Closing force range 350 – 5,000 kN
  • Injection weights from 0.1 g to 1800 g
  • Multi-component technology, e.g. Hard-soft combinations (such as sealing lips)
  • Materials with different fillers
  • Insert technology / inlay parts
  • Insert moulding of stamped bent parts
  • Direct Forming (Polyimides)
  • Assemblies
  • Engineering expterise from one source
  • Production in big and small series
  • Global delivery capability