Material datasheets

Material data sheets

According to the new European semi-finished products standard DIN EN 15860, the stock shape material data has to be tested on machined test specimens and no longer using idealized injection moulded test specimens. 
In compliance with the new standard DIN EN 15860, Ensinger has adjusted its data sheets and listed the material characteristic data obtained using test specimens machined from stock shapes. You will only find specifications complying with the standard in Ensinger stock shapes data sheets.

Due to the different methods used to produce the test specimens, differences may appear in the material properties. You will find different values appearing between the old (injection moulding value) and new (semi-finished values) data sheets.

We wish to emphasise that no changes have been made to the materials or the production processes. The properties of previous material deliveries are therefore precisely comparable to the current deliveries. The material property differences occurring in some cases are due only to the different method used to produce the test specimens.

Our information and statements reflect the current state of our knowledge and shall inform about our products and their applications. They do not assure or guarantee chemical resistance, quality of products and their merchantability in a legally binding way. Our products are not defined for use in medical or dental implants. Existing commercial patents have to be observed. The corresponding values and information are no minimum or maximum values, but guideline values that can be used primarily for comparison purposes for material selection. These values are within the normal tolerance range of product properties and do not represent guaranteed property values. Therefore they shall not be used for specification purposes.