Thermix® – Spacers and Muntin Bars for Insulation Windows

Spacers and Muntin Bars for Insulation Windows

Thermix® plastic warm-edge spacers from Ensinger break the ther­mal bridge at the transition between the glass and the frame. The combination of a high-grade stainless steel alloy and highly in­su­la­ting plastic ensures that the respective material characteristics are optimally used. This results in best insulating values.

Thermix® spacers

Using Thermix® TX.N® plus spacers helps to significantly reduce heat loss at the glass edge, while the periphery of the window on the room side remains warmer, lending the glass a „warm edge“. Higher temperatures at the glass edge on the room side prevent the formation of condensation, ensure less cold air radiation near the window and so help achieve a healthy room atmosphere. This technology also helps users to achieve significant energy cost savings and at the same time makes a valuable contribution to improving the energy efficiency of buildings.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Superlative quality
  • Outstanding economy
  • More comfort in the home
  • Active environmental protection
  • Greater design scope
  • Simpler processing