Material data sheets

Material data sheets for Ensinger plastics

Our data sheets serve to verify the material composition of our plastic products. The material data is determined depending on the product engineering process by using idealized injection moulded test spec­i­mens or test spec­i­mens machined from stock shapes.

European standard for stock shapes

According to the new European semi-finished products standard DIN EN 15860, the stock shape material data has to be tested on machined test specimens and no longer using idealized injection moulded test specimens. In compliance with the new standard DIN EN 15860, Ensinger has adjusted its data sheets and listed the material characteristic data obtained using test specimens machined from stock shapes. You will only find specifications complying with the standard in Ensinger stock shapes data sheets.

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We offer helpful tools and queries to support you in your daily work with Ensinger. All visitors have online access to our stock and the product data-sheets. Registered visitors can also download declarations of conformity or calculate any type of stock shapes processing such as planing, grinding, cutting and rod/tube calculations. We kindly ask you for your understanding that due to the wide functions involved, these services are offered in a log-in area which is reserved for active business partners.

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