Here you find information about the business activities of Ensinger Compounds.

Business Activities

High-performance compounds and customized products based on our efficient process technology (e.g. high filling level, gentle treatment, high-temperature finishing).

From semi-finished goods for prototypes to compounds

Consistent quality all from the same source

Large set of “building blocks” thanks to decades of experience

Plastics from polyamide to PEEK, all customary
reinforcing materials and additives

Tried and tested standard formulations

Selected high-temperature polymers and engineering plastics with tried and tested standard parameters

Modification options

Matching the desired amount of filler or ingredient materials

Project-related compounding development

According to your design specifications, applied technical support


To match your requirements: You determine the range of Ensinger Compounds. Because you know the effect you want to achieve. We have the right formulations for your needs – or we will find one for you.


To fit your needs: We do not dictate the amount to be shipped. A few kilograms for testing or enough material for serial production: as far we are concerned, no challenge is too small - and none too large.