Semi-Finished Engineering Plastics

Semi-Finished Engineering Plastics

High quality semi-finished products from plastics fulfill the specific requirements that customers expect from quality products. Ensinger offers products from over 100 different plastics. Besides all standard thermoplasts, Ensinger develops and extrudes a multitude of special materials according to customers´demands. Round rods, sheets and tubes are offered in a range of small dimensional increments and with special properties to meet your requirements.



Extruded and pressed round rods, plates and tubes are available in a wide range of dimensions and colours. There ist a perma­nent stock of popularly used thermo­plastics and their most important modifi­cations in our European warehouse in Nufringen.

Semi-finished products


Ensinger service begins with comprehen­sive advice on the intended application and a selection of the ideal material and appro­priate production technique. Semi-finished products are adapted exactly and indivi­dual­ly to suit the application. We employ sawing, planing, grinding and contour plan­ing to achieve a wide range of precise solutions with close tolerances.

Customer service

Quality and Compliance

With successful worldwide activities we offer the highest quality standards. We invest continuously in re­search and development in order to meet the latest demands with new high-tech materials and processing tech­niques. Stringent CAQ guidelines cover every individual process starting with receipt of raw materials and continuing through to the finished product. We are certified in ac­cordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 13485.

Certificates and quality management

Delivery reliability

Whether semi-finished products in standard basic versions or individually modified – our products reach you on time. Our sub­sidiaries and trading partners make use of the worldwide Ensinger distribution net­work and its electronic planning systems. This, together with our highly efficient stock management system, ensures very large quantities or special requirements are delivered in the shortest possible time or ‘just-in-time’ – exactly when you need them.