Product handling

Product handling for Ensinger plastics

There are information sheets available containing product handling instruc­tions for the individual Ensinger products. These are struc­tured along the lines of safety data sheets and provide information on uti­li­zation and any possible risks.

Damage prevention

In order to prevent damage to products and also avoid endan­gering persons working with the materials, certain points must be noted in relation to product handling. Plastic is a valuable raw material used in the manufacture of a wide range of high-grade end products, for instance in the food sector, in medical technology, the automotive and aerospace industries, and in semi-conductor technology. Consequently a high degree of care must be used when storing, working with and handling semi-finished and finished parts.

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Application engineering advice

Our service engineers offer decades of experience in the dynamically growing world of plastics. Our broad application-specific expertise and our in-depth knowledge of materials and machining technology (compounded with the expertise of our raw material manufacturers) enable us to provide our custom­ers with practically-oriented, fast-track efficient advice and support for part calculations.

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